What companies will be part of the trip?

Companies EmergenceTrip

Click here for more information about specific companies and what they do: Coursera, Udacity, 23AndMe, Scanadu, IDEO, TechShop, Biocurious, Genome Compiler, MatterNet, Proteus Digital Health, Stanford University, Google, Ginger.io

These are some of the companies we have direct contact with and are on the preliminary schedule. As want to divide our time between creation and inspiration (visit), we will make a selection of 9-10 companies to visit during our trip. See further below on this page for a preliminary schedule.

Exclusive 8-day program with unique value

A time-saving investment in your knowledge

  • Design for exponential

    Design for exponential

    How to fit exponential ideas in your organization? Learn the latest design methods such as Lean Startup and see how you can merge exponential technology with your own ideas.

  • Converging trends

    Converging trends

    Exponential technology involves the convergence of many different fields. This trip allows you to look across borders and learn from many fields, experts and how this can apply to your situation or company.

  • Create!


    EmergenceTrip is about combining insights with learning real methods of putting these insights to work. Several creative sessions (Lean Startup, exponential learning) are part of this exclusive trip.

  • Custom trips/packages

    Custom trips/packages

    Includes visits to global Quantified Self Conference, Singularity University HQ and visits to awesome hackerspaces - or add custom packages, such as a unique Zero-G experience!

  • Time-saving investment

    Time-saving investment

    In just 8 days you get to see and experience the latest and best exponential technology startups and meet the innovators. All while having a great time with like-minded people!

  • Test and experiment

    Test and experiment

    EmergenceTrip is all about trying and testing innovations: learn what works, test it and see the results. This is continuous throughout the trip.

Preliminary schedule

Below is is a preliminary schedule. Exact times, names and dates will be selected in cooperation with the final group. Some of the company visits will include interacting with products or services of the companies and getting hands-on experience during creative sessions with founders or designers.

Sat Oct 5Arrival, flight AMS->SFO, transport to accommodation. Evening: welcome party
Sun Oct 6BarCamp, ideation session. Evening: SU campus visit/party
Mon Oct 7Company visits Palo Alto, Stanford, Mountain View
Tue Oct 8San Francisco company visits. Afternoon/Evening: Design session
Wed Oct 9Company visits Silicon Valley / SU campus. Evening: Unconference
Thu Oct 10QS Global Conference (Presidio, San Francisco): Evening: synthesis session/wrap-up
Fri Oct 11QS Global Conference OR optional program OR creative sessions. Evening: Wrap-up party / BBQ
Sat Oct 12Departure , flight: AMS->SFO (arriving Sun Oct 13 early morning)

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A time-saving investment in your knowledge


Full trip

Everything included


Includes all costs for the complete duration of the trip: flight tickets, transportation, accommodation, food and site visits (including Singularity HQ and QS Global).

Full trip + options


  • Want more? Discuss with us about including custom packages, such as a Zero-G experience or special visits or design sessions.

Meet the organizers

Passionate and knowledgeable about exponential innovations

Yuri van Geest
Yuri van Geest
Founder Singularity University NL, driven by NASA, Google, Autodesk, Cisco, Genentech & Kauffman Foundation
Maarten den Braber
Maarten den Braber
Co-founder of Quantified Self Europe, Co-founder Quantified Self Amsterdam. Organizer Singularity NL.
Michiel Schuurman
Michiel Schuurman
Co-founder The Startup Foundation, Organizer Evolv Weekend. Organizer Singularity NL.
In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Emergence is central to the theories of integrative levels and of complex systems.